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Intel ISEF 2014 Special Awards Organization Profile


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Intel® Open Source Technology Center



Intel Open Source Technology Center (OTC) is a world-class international team dedicated to working within open communities. Intel commits quality code that optimizes the latest in Intel platform features to drive software reliability, accessibility, security, and performance from enterprise to mobile, web technologies to virtualization, and the cloud. OTC will present Intel® Open Source Technology Awards to the best use of open source technology or software projects.


Why We Participate

Open Source projects value collaboration and technical merit over work in silos. Students can and do make significant contributions to open source projects used by millions of people because of the unique way these projects work.  We see these accomplishments all the time from the perspective of our own Open Source Technology Center and we can't be more excited and proud to celebrate these new contributors to a proud tradition of collaboration based on technical merit.



2014 Awards Offered

First Award of $4000


Intel ISEF 2014 Awards

First Award of $4000

Yousuf Soliman

Indium: Using Novel Machine Learning Algorithms to Develop a Nondisease-specific Personalized Medicine Engine



Picture of 2014 Award Winners



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