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Intel ISEF 2014 Special Awards Organization Profile


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Charity Foundation - Open Hearts of Ukraine



Open Hearts of Ukraine has enabled youth education, organized exhibitions of Ukrainian artwork, and constructed a healthy environment for the whole family to support talented youth. The implementation of innovative ideas unites the Foundation’s projects in health, sports, education and culture.


Why We Participate

The Innovative Devices for Human Health Award shows the Foundation’s dedication to support innovation in health and young talents. In 2013, the Foundation engaged as a General Sponsor of nationwide pre-selection for Intel ISEF. Subsequently, the Foundation partnered in the 5th International Forum, New ICT in Education, sponsored by Intel (December 10-11, 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine). We also supported the Ukrainian team at the 2013 Intel ISEF



2014 Awards Offered

First Award of $2,000

Second Award of $1,500

Third Award of $1,000

Fourth Award of $500


Intel ISEF 2014 Awards

First Award of $2,000

Ethan Butson

The SMART System: Stroke Management with Augmented Reality Technology


Second Award of $1,500

Du Nguyen

Dieu Lien Tran

Electronic Braille Display for the Visually Impaired


Third Award of $1,000

Kseniya-Oksana Zhukrovska

Functions of BldD Respressor in Teicoplanin Producer Actinoplanes teichomyceticus


Fourth Award of $500

Harry Paul

Growing Spine Implant and Test Method



Picture of 2014 Award Winners



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