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Intel ISEF 2014 Special Awards Organization Profile


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West Virginia University



West Virginia University will be awarding 10 Academic Excellence or Presidential Scholarships (depending on residency) to students whose research and academic aptitude align with WVU's institutional goals and research interests. Classified as a Research University (High Research Activity) by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, West Virginia University offers 184 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in 14 academic colleges.


Why We Participate

As a land-grant institution, West Virginia University delivers high-quality education, excels in discovery and innovation, and strives to build pathways for the exchange of knowledge and opportunity between the state, nation, and world. WVU is committed to excelling in research, creative activity, and promoting innovation in all disciplines while engaging students in a challenging academic environment. We are proud to be offering full academic scholarships at Intel ISEF to deserving finalists.



2014 Awards Offered

Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards


Intel ISEF 2014 Awards

Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Natalie Barton

An in vitro Study of the Effectiveness of Cinnamon Compounds on the Degradation of Amyloid-B and Tau Protein in Alzheimer's Disease


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Alexia Benson

You Missed a Spot: Accuracy of Luminol Chemiluminescence to Detect Blood at a Crime Scene using Concealment Techniques and Measurements of False Positives


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Noah Pritt

Indoor Navigation with Maximum Likelihood Classification of Wi-Fi Fingerprints


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Miriam Demasi

Safe and Sound Housing: Lime/Fly Ash Papercrete as a Substitute for Adobe in Seismically-Active Regions in Developing Nations


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Marygrace Duggar

Olivia Guidry

A Greener Shade of Grey: The Effects of Fly Ash in Concrete, a Second Year Study


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Alexander Deans

iAid: A Novel Multimodal, Cloud-Based Navigation System for the Visually Impaired


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Travis Lysaght

Using Piezoelectronics to Convert Energy from a Nontraditional Source: Vibration


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Kelly Devens

Comparing Shroud Design on the Electrical Power Output of a Small-Scale Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine


Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Hans Pande

Sustainable Water Purification System with UV Irradiation



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