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Intel ISEF 2013 Special Awards Organization Profile


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Ricoh Americas Corporation



Ricoh Americas Corporation is a leading provider of document solutions whose integrated hardware and software products help businesses share information efficiently. Ricoh has a long-standing environmental mission and commitment to sustainability, bringing corporate, social and environmental responsibilities into balance.


Why We Participate

The Ricoh Sustainable Development Award is given to the projects whose principles and technical innovations offer the greatest potential for increasing our ability to grow environmentally friendly and socially responsible businesses.



2013 Awards Offered

Ricoh Sustainable Development Award of $12,500


Picture of 2013 Award Winners



Intel ISEF 2013 Awards

Ricoh Sustainable Development Award of $12,500

Michael Vermeland

Making Drinkable Water from Thin Air: The Optimization of a Hydrophobic Surface to Efficiently Harvest Fog Providing a Sustainable Secondary Water Source


Ricoh Sustainable Development Award of $12,500

Jed Grow

Andrew Ross

The Passive Acquisition of a Viable Source of Bio-Electricity from Wastewater with Applications for Hydrogen Generation: Phase II


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