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China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)



China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) is the largest organization of scientists and technologists in China. One of its missions is to promote public understanding of science. Having developed science education programs,CAST supports youth and adolescents in becoming citizens with high scientific literacy. CAST awards are given to the projects that best reflect the originality and innovation of the students' work in all scientific disciplines.




2013 Awards Offered

Award of $3,000


Picture of 2013 Award Winners



Intel ISEF 2013 Awards

Award of $3,000

Evan MacKay

The Chemical Ecology of the Diaprepes Root Weevil: Olfactory Responses to Conspecific and Plant Odors


Award of $3,000

Alexander Makarychev

Battle for Speed: Ternary against Binary


Award of $3,000

Thabit Pulak

Home-Based Rapid Arsenic Water Test using Nanotechnology


Award of $3,000

Nicolas Marone

Aviv Rabinovich

Predicting Earthquakes by Monitoring the Electron Content of the Ionosphere


Award of $3,000

Natalie Ng

Advancing Precision Medicine: MicroRNA Prognostic Signatures and Prediction Models for Distant Metastasis-Free Survival in Breast Cancer


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CAST Rewards Originality and Innovation at Intel ISEF


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