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Analysis of Photon-Mediated Entanglement between Distinguishable Matter Qubits

Ari Dyckovsky

Loudoun County Academy of Science, Sterling, VA

Long-distance entanglement may be utilized as a resource for teleportation of quantum states, efficient factorization of large numbers, and quantum simulations of many-body systems. I theoretically evaluated establishing remote entanglement between distinguishable matter qubits through interference and detection of two emitted photons. The fi delity of the entanglement operation was analyzed as a function of the temporal and frequency mode-matching between the photons emitted from each quantum memory. With a general analysis, I defined limits on the absolute magnitudes of temporal and frequency mode-mismatches in order to maintain fidelities greater than 99% with two-photon detection efficiencies greater than 90%. I applied the analysis to several selected systems of quantum memories. Results indicated that high fi delities may be achieved in each system using current experimental techniques, while maintaining acceptable rates of entanglement. Thus, it might be possible to use two-photon-mediated entanglement operations between distinguishable quantum memories to establish a network for quantum communication and distributed quantum computation.

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